DrillOps Advisory and Automation​

Let AI driven workflows execute autonomous operations

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DrillOps Advisory and Automation applications are rig based solutions that enable the optimum and consistent execution of drilling activities through automation, either as full closed loop control as DrillOps Automation or as open loop advisory mode as DrillOps Advisory application. AI enabled optimum drilling workflows are delivered to the driller for automated or assisted execution, within the context of the digital drilling program, procedures and checklists. Our DrillOps solutions will aim to radically improve drilling execution through artificial intelligence driven workflows that continuously learn and strive to achieve full autonomy and deliver consistent new levels of performance.

DrillOps Advisory
DrillOps Advisory - Enable AI to deliver optimized parameters

DrillOps Advisory is available for both drilling contractors and operators for any rig, elevating the driller’s competency throughout the drilling and tripping process. Deployment is quick and easy with the only hardware being the HMI screen and Edge device, allowing deployment time to be less than 2 months from opportunity being secured. Advisory is available for both Drilling and for Tripping workflows. DrillOps Advisory has embedded domain models to deliver recommendations to the driller as smart AI driven in real-time and in context of the environment and operations, supported with high quality user experience visualization.

DrillOps Automation
DrillOps Automation - Let AI driven workflows execute autonomous operations

DrillOps Automation is a rig based application that takes control of the rig equipment to enable intelligent execution of drilling workflows through AI, ensuring procedural implementation and delivering consistent and optimum performance delivery. It is an adaptive automation solution, whereby a drilling workflow goal is set and the system will adapt within the procedures to deliver the goal in an optimum and consistent manner. The ability of DrillOps to be adaptive as a result of the constant complex changing drilling conditions is what sets it apart in the industry and allows DrillOps to reach the highest levels of autonomy and achieve autonomous drilling execution.

Advisory: Enable AI to deliver optimised parameters for drilling and tripping workflows for both onshore and offshore drilling on any rig.

Automation: Let AI driven workflows execute autonomous operations for both onshore and offshore drilling on any ACVFD rig.

  • Performance improvement
  • Top quartile performance consistency
  • Risk reduction
  • Standardization in execution of drilling

Specific to Advisory applications:

  • Delivering drillers with the tools to make them better and more consistent
  • Reduce uncertainty in driller performance
  • Eliminate and avoid driller mistakes

Automation specific:

  • Drill a Stand
  • AI driven Adaptive drilling sequence (AI Planner)
  • Auto ROP (ROp Optimization)
  • Auto Downlink
  • AutoIntegrity (Drilling Dysfunction mitigation)
  • Auto Survey
  • AutoSteering

Advisory specific:

  • AI driven performance optimization
  • Drilling advisory workflow
  • Steering advisory workflow (via WC Division)
  • Tripping advisory workflow