DrillOps Predictive Analytics

An intelligent, automated, Real-Time multi-well monitoring alarm based advisory system, detecting and predicting drilling events

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Access and analyze all your drilling data through real-time predictive analytics DrillOps intelligent well data solutions, part of our Delfi™ digital platform collaborative technology. Predictive Analytics is an intelligent, automated, Real-Time multi-rig monitoring advisory system, combining AI with Domain models to deliver alert based monitoring and predictive analytics across multiple drilling workflows to optimize drilling performance.

Both onshore and offshore drilling

  • Accesses data for visualization and analysis
  • Intelligently monitors drilling conditions
  • Delivers smart, automated predictive analytics
  • Optimizes real-time drilling performance
  • Improves decision making to reduce risks
  • Minimizes nonproductive time (NPT)

How it works
DrillOps Predictive Analytics application, provides rapid access real-time decision support, through automated intelligent surveillance with AI-driven predictive analytics for E&P well operators. Used in stand-alone mode, with a choice of workflows, or fully integrated with the DrillPlan™ coherent well planning solution and companion DrillOps™ intelligent well delivery and insights applications, Predictive Analytics helps visualize multiwell drilling data in real time on a single screen, so that you can address critical issues quickly. With built-in customizable smart alarms, the solution automatically flags out-of-spec conditions and recommends appropriate actions to help you optimize drilling performance, avoid risks, and minimize NPT. Now with mobile compatibility, you can access your data analysis at any time.

Smart, automated, and predictive analytics
Intelligent, automated predictive analytics guide you through all the intricacies of the drilling process, delivering performance improvement and optimization. Data is rapidly delivered and undergoes automated quality assurance and quality control checks to enable AI workflows for performance optimization. A stuck-pipe feature shows continuous torque and drag data as drilling progresses to monitor friction at connections and help you avoid stuck-pipe incidents. Vibrations in the drillstring are flagged if they violate constraints and reported with a recommendation for corrective actions. Real-time performance statistics, alerts, and recommendations of this nature are available throughout the drilling, tripping, and casing processes. The system helps ensure well integrity by using real-time hydraulics modeling to minimize risk of influxes, losses, and wellbore stability. Drillstring integrity calculations use machine learning to automatically flag problematic drillstring dynamics and eliminate washouts.

The system automatically monitors and reports data-quality issues and alerts you when key real-time data channels are missing or require calibration. Having all wells and rigs viewable in a single dashboard reduces the need for additional resources.

  • Real-time alerts based drilling monitoring system
  • Multi-rig dashboard monitoring system
  • Smart Automated alarms and notifications
  • Predictive analytics workflows covering multiple workflows to optimize drilling performance
  • Integrated with Geomechanics Insights, Petrel, Techlog, DrillPlan, and DrillOps applications.