CMSB Solid-Body Cementing Manifold for Liner Hangers | SLB


Solid-body cementing manifold

Liner Hanger
Rated to 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa]
Torque rated up to 30,000 ft.lbf [68,000 N.m]

Cement liner systems on rigs without a top drive

The solid-body cementing manifold (CMSB) is designed for liner cementing operations without a top drive and for rotary rig cementing operations. It suspends drillpipe from the rig elevators and retains the wiper plug so that it can be released after the cement has been pumped. The CMSB also connects the cementing lines to the running string during liner operations.

Configure plug or ball drops for your well requirements

It includes a heavy-duty swivel for easy string manipulation with the cementing lines in place. The swivel mechanism and drillpipe plug retainer are below the elevators for unobstructed operation.

A CMSB is available with single- or dual-plug-drop capabilities. In addition, an optional ball-drop assembly is available for use with hydraulically set liner hanger systems.

CMSB Solid-Body Cementing Manifold
CMSB Solid-Body Cementing Manifold