Cyclonic separation technologies

MOZLEY Desanding Hydrocyclone Separator

Whether produced from the reservoir or introduced through well servicing, produced solids are a growing concern for upstream operators. If left uncontrolled, solids production can cause major flow assurance issues.

The keys to successful topside sand handling is flexibility in process design, technology selection, and location. Sand production is unpredictable, and the management solution is never universal. Sand management almost always includes factors such as accumulation, fluidization, transportation, cleaning, and disposal—all of which require careful consideration.

Our sand management technologies and sophisticated process design methodologies provide you with the tools to optimize sand management for every application, including multiphase, in-separator and liquid phase.

Sand receiving and cleaning technologies are being built
Hydraulic conveyance of the CYCLOTECH SCARPA eductive sand jetting system
Hydraulic conveyance of the CYCLOTECH SCARPA eductive sand jetting system can be directed toward one or more discharge outlet nozzles and then routed to a CYCLOTECH Sandscape system.
Sandscape system pumps the solids at a controlled concentration

Sand receiving and cleaning systems

We offer a range of CYCLOTECH separation technologies that clean sand to such low oil concentrations that the cleaned material can be pretreated prior to shipment to shore or reinjected into the reservoir.

CYCLOTECH SCARPA eductive sand jetting system

CYCLOTECH SCARPA eductive sand jetting system is a sand-conveying and -removing apparatus that removes sand and other solids from a production separator on a continuous or batch basis. The modular system can be used to retrofit existing separators or incorporated into new-build plants.