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Extended Well Tests

Understand reservoir potential to reduce your risks

Resolve reservoir uncertainty with confidence

Extended well tests (EWTs) are used to evaluate the productivity and characteristics of a reservoir. In particular, EWTs are used to

  • estimate reservoir volume and confirm reserves for field development
  • confirm long-term reservoir deliverability
  • pilot future facility designs during field development
  • estimate interwell transmissibility and wellbore storage
  • verify static data dynamically
  • obtain additional production-related data, such as water cut, sand production, and well deliverability.

You can also use an EWT to test sand control techniques and process- and production-related technologies. By testing early on, you’ll minimize risks related to developing a field for long-term, sustained production.

Extended well test, Gulf of Mexico

Reliable solutions to meet your EWT objectives

Our reservoir, completions, production, and facilities engineers team to design fit-for-purpose, regulatory-compliant EWTs that acquire representative surface and downhole data as the basis for your completion and facilities solutions. 

Various commercial models are available to suit your needs:

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