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Production Management

Develop and comanage your assets

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With more than 25 years of experience providing services to global customers, Production Management manages more than 250,000 bbl/d of oil equivalent in projects around the world.

Production Management has the scale, technology, processes, and expertise to help you enhance performance of your assets across the full value chain – developing or redeveloping your fields, increasing production, improving cash flow, and extending recovery.

Whatever the project entails, from full field management to production optimization in conventional and unconventional assets, we provide fit-for-purpose solutions based on:

  • Industry’s largest pool of technical expertise and significant experience across multiple basins, reservoirs, and production environments
  • Effective application of technology, digital operations solutions, and workflows
  • Capital efficiency and superior risk and investment management
  • Global footprint
  • Strong sustainability commitment and performance
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Asset Management

We provide end-to-end full field development plan execution and production management services, comanaging development and production projects to maximize the asset value under long-term contracts. Our scope of work involves comprehensive asset management from design to execution, including:

  • Field development strategy design
  • Execution of the development strategy including infill drilling, reentry and workover campaigns, and IOR and EOR projects
  • Asset management processes: planning, economics, asset integrity, safety, and communities and environmental management

What we offer:

  • Proven record of delivering successful asset management projects
  • Excellent HSSE record in managed assets
  • Direct access to new technology and execution capability

Greenfield Development

Design and execute field development plans of greenfield assets with complete management of:

  • Data acquisition
  • Reservoir characterization
  • FEED, field development planning, and execution

What we offer:

  • Delivery of large greenfield development projects with the industry’s most comprehensive reservoir characterization, drilling, and completions portfolio
  • Unique Schlumberger logging suite, formation testing tools, and digital solutions
  • Early production facilities solutions
  • Sustainability by design to meet the needs of the energy sector
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Field Rejuvenation

Manage the redevelopment of brownfields to increase production, improve cash flows, and extend economic viability. Complete management of:

  • Field redevelopment plan and execution
  • Infill drilling and reentry campaigns
  • IOR and EOR projects
  • Production optimization and enhancement projects

What we offer:

  • Proven record of delivering redevelopment, waterflooding, and EOR projects
  • Direct access to superior reservoir characterization, well construction and intervention, artificial lift, well completion and facilities equipment, services, and technologies
  • Broad experience in applying candidate selection workflows

Production Enhancement

Increasing asset production based on improving reservoir characterization, well portfolio, surface processes, or optimization of secondary recovery. Complete management of:

  • Workovers candidate selection
  • Workovers campaign management
  • Field surveillance and monitoring
  • IOR and EOR optimization

What we offer:

  • Proven record in implementing production and operations excellence digital toolbox for well candidate selection and impairment analysis
  • Direct access to superior completion and intervention products, services, and technologies
  • Broad experience in applying candidate selection workflows
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Production Optimization

Improve day-to-day operations and production efficiency through the implementation of digital workflows and automation. We deploy resources, workflows, and technologies to assist you in running daily production monitoring and optimization, including:

  • Production operations management
  • Optimization of daily production and operating expense

What we offer:

  • Proven record in implementing production and operations excellence digital toolbox for well monitoring, surveillance, and automation
  • Direct access to superior well intervention, chemicals injection, artificial lift, and well integrity products, services, and technologies