REDA HPS Pumps Provide Years of Reliable Natural Gas Liquid Service for MarkWest | Schlumberger
Case Study
Haynesville Shale, United States, North America, Onshore

Challenge: Maximize reliability and minimize cost of pumps for natural gas liquids (NGL) at a natural gas compression and fractionation plant.

Solution: Install REDA HPS horizontal multistage surface pump systems.

Results: Achieved trouble-free operation since installation in 2006, with no downtime other than regularly scheduled oil changes.

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REDA HPS Pumps Provide Years of Reliable Natural Gas Liquid Service for MarkWest

REDA HPS horizontal multistage surface pumps outperform traditional pumps for natural gas liquid production

A need for reliable and cost-effective pumps at natural gas plants

The Haynesville Shale play has been a significant source for unconventional shale gas activity in East Texas, leading producers in the region to expand their drilling programs. This involves the installation of gas plants, gathering stations, and NGL pipelines that require high-pressure amine and NGL pumps.

Schlumberger recognized the need for reliable NGL equipment and modified the REDA HPS horizontal multistage surface pumps to fit NGL production needs. The REDA HPS pumps are a trouble-free alternative to commonly used vertical centrifugal pumps that require costly and timely maintenance.

REDA HPS multistage pump selected for proven performance

MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P., provides natural gas and NGL gathering, processing, fractionating, and transportation services to multiple producers across East Texas. Exploring NGL production options, MarkWest chose to use the new REDA HPS horizontal multistage surface pumps for its producers.

In 2006, MarkWest Compression NGL Plant in Carthage, Texas, installed a 23-stage REDA HPS pump with a variable speed drive for handling varying pipeline pressures. It continues to successfully pump NGL with a specific gravity (SG) of 0.5 into the outgoing pipeline today. The unit flows 13,500 bbl/d with inlet and outlet pressures of 900 psi and 1,500 psi, respectively. In 2009, a second plant was brought into operation, which uses two REDA HPS pumps in series to deliver 5,300 bbl/d of NGL with a SG of 0.47. A 45-stage pump raises the pressure from 300 psi to 1,080 psi and the subsequent 31-stage pump raises it further to 1,400 psi. In addition, a lean amine unit is installed at this plant to treat gas and remove impurities in the gas stream.

El sistema REDA HPS consta de bombas centrífugas serie J y motores TEFC que bombean NGL cuya densidad es de sólo  0,4 g/cm3.
REDA HPS system featuring J-series centrifugal pumps and TEFC motors that pump as low as 0.4 SG NGL.

Trouble-free service provided for more than 5 years

These pumps have been in continuous operation since they were installed at the two plants, more than 5 and 2.5 years ago, without any downtime other than regularly scheduled oil changes.

Recognizing the clear advantage, MarkWest now uses REDA HPS pumps for all its NGL pipeline, ethane pipeline, and amine circulation operations.

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