SPE Tech Talk: Agile Subsea Configurability

Published: 08/10/2021

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Tech Talks: Agile Subsea Configurability
Novel configurable vertical tree platform adapts to project dynamics

Changes in oil and gas markets and operator targets have led to a higher drive for cost efficiency, responsiveness, and management of smaller teams.

These changes have led to the need for a more agile approach to subsea production systems, which historically have been engineered to order. Standardizing, yet remaining flexible while facing industry challenges, has been a main focus for OneSubsea and therefore a key driver for the configurable vertical tree platform.

This platform enables a wide range of product solutions to coexist within the same architecture, which can be optimized to suit the customer, drill center, and even reservoir-specific needs. The platform starts with a common core and adapts to operators’ requirements, with numerous fit-for-purpose functional modules that address technical challenges without affecting the core performance. This agile configurable approach enables flexibility in dynamic field conditions while minimizing total cost of ownership for the life of the field.