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Safety Systems

Customized technologies and services to achieve ultimate valve control and well safety

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Achieve ultimate valve control and absolute well safety

Cameron safety systems guard against loss of life and environmental and equipment damage. They monitor flowline pressure, detect high sand production, perform alarm functions, and when required, shut in the well in case of fire or activation of a manual emergency shutdown station. We also provide independently instrumented systems for onshore and offshore installations requiring high-integrity pressure protection of downstream systems to reduce the risk of these systems exceeding their rated pressure level.

Inspecting a safety system during manufacturing.

With proven functionality and dependability in a compact envelope, our production equipment helps you streamline operations, improve uptime, and decrease overall risk—no matter the environment.

Introduction to API Specification 6A
This overview summarizes the key elements of the recognized industry specification for wellhead and tree equipment so you can make more informed engineering and purchasing decisions.
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