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Integrated wellbore preparation service

Effective debris removal for CT operations

The impaCT integrated wellbore preparation service from M-I SWACO integrates hole cleaning, debris removal, and solids separation in one solution for coiled tubing wellbore cleanup. The impaCT service includes a uniquely formulated fluid system, a coiled tubing–specific ferrous debris extraction magnet, and a mobile closed-loop pressure and solids control system—all in a compact package requiring only a single mixing tank.

Integrated wellbore preparation service

Unique fluid formulation for superior separation, reduced mechanical drag

The POWERPRO CT fluid component of impaCT service is formulated with the uniquely engineered POWERVIS biopolymer, which generates the rheological properties to extract large volumes of debris in coiled tubing cleanouts. POWERPRO CT fluid offers superior hole cleaning and suspension while significantly reducing mechanical drag and pump pressure. It extends coil life and allows operations to continue over longer periods without interruption.

Industry’s only magnet for removing large ferrous debris from horizontal wellbores

The CT MAGNOSTAR magnet in the impaCT service is the industry’s only magnet engineered to extract the large volume of ferrous debris that is often generated in horizontal coiled tubing cleanout operations. This high-strength, rare-earth magnet is typically fitted on the BHA atop the coiled tubing motor, where it attracts plug slips, metal swarf, and other ferrous materials during milling and cleanout applications.

PFMS: Pressure control in a compact size

The compact and dual-function Pressure & Fluid Management System (PFMS) in the impaCT service provides an automatic closed-loop solution for controlling pressure while removing solids and gas from the fluid system. The modular PFMS incorporates the most advanced pressure and solids control technologies, including dual autochokes, the field-proven mud-gas separator system, a dual-motion MONGOOSE PT shaker with pretensioned MAGNUM XR mesh screens, and one vacuum D-GASSER system for final removal of any gas still entrained in the fluid after solids-control processing.

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