Coiled tubing magnet

The MAGNOGARD magnet features powerful, easy-to-clean magnets embedded into deep collection valleys.

Remove metallic debris during coiled tubing operations

The CT MAGNOSTAR coiled tubing magnet from M-I SWACO is the industry’s only magnet designed to extract the ferrous debris during coiled tubing cleanout operations. During demanding coiled tubing milling operations, the CT MAGNOSTAR magnet removes heavy metallic debris that cannot be circulated out of the wellbore.

Rely on high strength for a variety of CT challenges

This high-strength, rare-earth magnet is typically fitted above or behind the coiled tubing motor, where it attracts plug slips, metal swarf, and other ferrous material. Available in 2 7/8-in and 2 3/8-in sizes, the CT MAGNOSTAR magnet can be used with coiled tubing while cutting windows, drilling out plugs, milling stuck isolation valves, or performing a routine cleanup run. Featuring a one-piece full-strength mandrel, CT MAGNOSTAR magnet can also be used in fishing operations to collect ferrous debris outside of the standard annular gap via specially designed valleys in the tool.

Meet high-flow and ball-drop requirements

The CT MAGNOSTAR magnet is engineered to meet the demands of operations requiring high flow rates and ball drops. It’s through-bore design with a large ID allows balls to be dropped to disconnect a sub below and enables circulating at a high rate whenever necessary.

CT MAGNOSTAR coiled-tubing magnet