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General purpose polyglycol

GLYDRIL GP general purpose polyglycol is applicable in fresh- to medium-salinity makeup water and can be used in wells with low formation temperatures. This low cloud-point additive helps stabilize troublesome shales by reducing the liquid phase activity and plugging shale pores, thereby preventing the equalization of hydrostatic pressure away from the wellbore.

Polyglycol muds generally are low- to medium-density, nondispersed polymer systems that use an electrolyte to activate the cloud-point polyglycol. They have applications in drilling troublesome water-sensitive shales and can be used in lieu of oil-based systems for certain applications. GLYDRIL GP polyglycol is effective in thermally activated mud emulsion (TAME) applications (near the cloud point) or in situations where it is insoluble (above the cloud point).

Normal concentrations of GLYDRIL GP polyglycol range from 2% to 5% or 7 to 17.5 ppb [20 to 50 kg/m3]. After the initial treatment, periodic treatments should be made to maintain the desired concentration. Two field test methods are available to monitor the concentration of GLYDRIL GP polyglycol.

“Cloud point” is the temperature where polyglycol additives change from being soluble (at lower temperatures) to being insoluble (at higher temperatures). Shale inhibition is improved when the polyglycol is insoluble or "clouded out." The cloud-point temperature can be reduced by increasing salinity (or other electrolytes), by increasing the concentration of GLYDRIL GP polyglycol, or both. We provide cloud point data upon request.

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