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Rig Equipment

Comprehensive suite for land and offshore rigs

Offshore rig

From the mast to the kelly and everything in between, Cameron has a comprehensive suite of equipment for your rig, whether on land or offshore.

We also offer engineering services to optimize rig design as well as training options to accelerate your crew's expertise on Cameron, M-I SWACO, and SLB equipment.

Smart Drilling
Adaptive engineering services to optimize rig design
  • Two Cameron employees standing in front of red BOP on land rig.
    Drilling Equipment Packages
    Full life cycle support, from concept to abandonment

    Maximize uptime and decrease total cost of ownership without compromising safety. View link button arrow

  • Red BOP on a hoisting system
    BOP Hoisting & Handling Systems
    Customizable solutions

    Increase safety while adhering to recognized standards. View link button arrow

  • drilling control room
    Cabins & Controls
    Secure, efficient network of equipment

    Leverage high-quality software and user-friendly screen graphics. View link button arrow

  • A complete range of BOP handling systems for semisubmersibles, drillships, platforms, and jack-ups
    Cellar Deck Equipment
    Easy maintenance, durability, and robust design

    Improve operational efficiency and save considerable rig time. View link button arrow

  • drilling derrick scaffolding
    Derricks, Mast & Substructure
    Design, engineering, and manufacturing services

    Expedite operations offshore and on land with integrated hardware. View link button arrow

  • Torrential filtration equipment
    Filtration Equipment
    Tailored to meet fluids processing needs

    Effectively remove particulates with durable equipment packages. View link button arrow

  • Technician working on a top drive wearing safety equipment
    Hoisting and Rotating Equipment
    High-performance equipment

    Designed to enhance safety and improve maintenance. View link button arrow

  • Top-mounted compensator system
    Motion Compensation Equipment
    Operation in harsh environments

    Compensate for relative movement between the drilling vessel and seabed. View link button arrow

  • close up of a mud pump
    Mud Pumps, Mixing, and Processing
    A comprehensive range of equipment

    Streamline operational and maintenance procedures, improve safety, and reduce system downtime. View link button arrow

  • Horizontal Pipe Handling Systems
    Pipe Handling Equipment
    For onshore and offshore applications

    Handle equipment with greater efficiency and safety. View link button arrow

  • Power Systems and Cables
    Power Systems
    Advanced AC and DC technologies

    Reduce noise, facilitate maintenance, and reduce life cycle cost. View link button arrow

  • Riq equipment drawing
    Rig Engineering Service
    Design, inspection, and maintenance

    Integrate the power of T&T Engineering, Cameron, and Schlumberger. View link button arrow

  • Cellar Deck Equipment
    Rig Floor Equipment
    Complete range of technologies

    Handle onshore and offshore operations. View link button arrow

  • Operator inspecting solid controls equipment
    Solids Control and Waste Management Equipment
    Optimize drilling efficiencies

    Maintain fluid integrity, reduce fluid losses, minimize HSE impact, and lower drilling costs. View link button arrow

  • Man in a drilling chair with simulation of drilling operation.
    Drilling Systems Product Training
    Effective operation and maintenance

    Learn how to better manage and contain wellbore pressure during drilling. View link button arrow