Intelligent Power Management: Let's Clear the Air…

Published: 11/08/2021

Photo showing part of a rig
Intelligent Power Management
Adapts to your goals for fuel efficiency, emissions, and optimal engine life.

Let us clear the air. We have to fuel civilization—everything from agriculture to industry, medicine to technology and transportation, even space travel. To do that, we must drill wells to reach hydrocarbons. However, we can do it smarter, better, and faster to reduce or even minimize our impact on the environment. That’s what our world wants. That’s what we want, too—so we put our brightest minds on it. And that’s where intelligent power management comes in.

Intelligent power management can help your rig lower emissions by 30% while at the same time, reducing fuel consumption by 20%. It has four different modes, so based on your preferences, the system will optimize to those parameters. Intelligent power management comprises automated software, energy storage, along with power demand lookahead. Automated engine software has an adaptive start/stop feature based on rig-generator load, optimizing engine performance to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This is where power lookahead is crucial because we use downhole data, the well plan, and surface data to predict the future power demand of the rig for more efficient power usage. When need is low, intelligent power management diverts excess energy to the battery system. When the rig needs more, it draws from the battery reserve rather than revving up the generator. It all keeps a consistent, optimal load on the engine.

It's about seeing power management more clearly, and this solution can be tailored to your needs based not just on equipment types, but also your goals for fuel efficiency, emissions, and engine life optimization. It’s about doing better for the environment by understanding what we can do better. And that’s what we’re all about. Who are we? The same name you’ve trusted time after time.

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