Smart Drilling

Published: 08/25/2021

A land rig at sunrise
Smart Drilling
Adaptive engineering services to optimize rig design

Every day, you put astounding levels of science, chemistry, and engineering to work for drilling operations. But it’s not just drilling—it’s smart drilling. And that’s where we come in.

Smart drilling is all about digital. It’s about live streaming real-time data from the tip of the drill bit to the joystick on the driller’s chair and beyond.

Digital capabilities fuel surface automation, which brings new solutions to ongoing customer priorities, like lower emissions, higher efficiency, better consistency, and vigilant safety, all wrapped up in time—less time over the hole, but the correct amount of time to do it right and not rushing to ensure safety.

It’s about deep levels of connectivity and insight into the performance and conditioning of your drilling equipment. It’s about the right maintenance at the right time. It’s about integrating equipment sequencing software into rigs to improve safety and consistency and for a better, smoother, and faster drilling process.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. We’re going beyond just surface automation—think drilling automation, adaptive orchestration, and intelligent power management—so you’re able to better manage and coordinate the many drilling activities within your responsibility and do so with optimal power that helps reduce emissions.

The ultimate benefit is improved performance across your entire fleet. Activities are done the same way, your way, following your plans, procedures, and parameters. Experts are there if you need them and on top of the data when you are, without delay.

We deliver fully integrated systems backed by a century of experience. Who are we? The same name you’ve trusted time after time.