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Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories | A Plug's Life

Give your core samples the rock star treatment with Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories.

Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories | A Plug's Life
Give your core samples the rock star treatment with Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories.

Axel: Hey, there! My name is Axel, and I am excited to present Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories’ rock labs! Across evaluation, intervention, and stimulation teams, Schlumberger rocks with unique, integrated solutions to deliver critical reservoir insights. Get your safety glasses and lab coat on—the tour starts now!

Your reservoir is your most valuable asset, and the team at Schlumberger knows this. So, like me, all samples in the lab receive rock star treatment no matter where they come from. We are all logged into sample management tools, get our vital signs checked, and then photographed so you receive detailed imaging of us. Cheese!

Next, we are assigned different missions. Using innovative technology and equipment, we are divided to conquer the toughest challenges. That is, we each have a unique purpose, and together we bring the maximum data back to you.

Yes, data! Data you need to derisk your field development plan and understand the petrology and petrophysics of your reservoir to accelerate and maximize production. To do this, the lab technicians squeeze me to the pore, measuring mineralogy, permeability, and porosity. Special workflows help them do that—even for unconventional samples.

These workflows also help you understand our rock strength in all directions. With industry-leading TerraTek rock mechanics and core analysis services, the team tests our rock mechanical strength, helping you evaluate completion quality and reservoir and well integrity! They also provide analysis to guide your fracturing and drilling operations by characterizing fluid-rock interaction.

The show goes on with special core analysis services. They run dynamic flow characterization, with fluid relative permeability and injection. They measure nuclear magnetic resonance and explore enhanced recovery mechanisms.

Schlumberger secret agents leave no stone unturned! Using fluid inclusion technology, they provide a cuttings investigation, tracing the hydrocarbon history and migration path to help you calibrate basin models and find your reservoir’s sweet spot!

Data is good, but insights are better! Connected to Schlumberger domain experts, technology, and research network, the lab offers core log integrated studies. You have access to new technologies such as digital SCAL services, a revolutionary approach that combines digital and physical measurements to deliver special core analysis six times faster. And when integrated with other Schlumberger reservoir evaluation insights, you get to know my home as well as I do. Thank you for joining me in this virtual tour! Here, your samples can get the same rock star treatment as me! Even though I’m just one plug, the Schlumberger team is equipped to evaluate any sample—from debris, cuttings, and mechanical sidewall coring tool samples to whole-core big guys.

Every reservoir has a unique story. Let Schlumberger trace yours!

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