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Don-Nan Top Seal

Prevent stuck pump scenarios caused by solids accumulation

Top Seal

Mitigate stuck pump events

A mechanical addition to any bottom hold-down insert pump, our top seal prevents stuck pump scenarios caused by solids accumulation around the hold-down. Once the pump has been placed in its seating location, the weight of the sucker rods on the pump pushes the rubber element outward until it makes contact with the tubing wall. When you need to retrieve the pump, simply pull up on the rodstring to disengage the setting. Should the rubber element become damaged in operation, you can replace it without replacing the entire assembly.


  • Prevents stuck pump scenarios
  • Eliminates particulate collection near the hold-down


  • 1 1/4- to 2-in [31.75- to 50.8-mm] insert pump sizes
  • Replaceable rubber element
  • Simple setting procedure
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