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Permanent Downhole Gauges

Manage your reservoir with digital data delivery

Use pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate data to replace unnecessary well interventions

Install permanent downhole gauges to monitor your wells and reservoirs in real time and identify trends that help you optimize well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery—without costly, risky, and time-consuming well interventions. Speed up decision making with real-time digital data delivery and analysis that enables quick reaction and problem-solving that saves you time and money.

Integrate the industry’s most advanced permanent downhole measurement technology with surface acquisition and data communication systems to enable remote monitoring of wells and reservoirs in real time. Transmit the pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate data from these gauges to remote locations via satellite, the Internet, or cable.

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems Gauges
The wide range of WellWatcher system downhole gauges ensures that you can find one to suit your well's pressure and temperature conditions.

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring System Gauge Specifications
Gauge System Max. Working Pressure, psi [MPa] Max. Working Temperature, degC [degF] Max. Gauges per Cable
WellWatcher Sapphire 10,000 [69] 110 [230] 6
WellWatcher Quartz LT
10,000 [69] 130 [266] 6
Metris Evolve 16,000 [110] 150 [302] 8 dual sensor
WellWatcher Quartz 10,000 [69]
16,000 [110]
25,000 [172]
30,000 [207]
180 [356]
180 [356]
180 [356]
180 [356]
WellWatcher Quartz Extend 20,000 [138] 150 [302] 30
WellWatcher TruOptic 20,000 [138] 250 [482] 4
Metris Extreme 30,000 [207] 204 [400] 8 dual sensor
FloWatcher monitoring system 25,000 [172] 175 [347] na

Rating for AC version of gauge; DC version rated 16,000 psi [110 MPa].
Not applicable

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems Gauges Historical Timeline
WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems Gauges Historical Timeline

Trust our robust gauges to deliver a long, stable lifetime

Our gauges incorporate the most recent innovations in quartz and sapphire transducers, fully welded assemblies, corrosion-resistant alloys, and robust electronic components. Advanced cable head connector technology and the single permanent communication-and-power cable enhance reliability at the system level. Gauge performance is validated in a controlled test cell, where drift stability is measured at simulated reservoir pressure and temperature.
Pressure transient analysis (PTA)
Early water breakthrough requires you to balance choke adjustments with the stimulation treatment. WellWatcher Quartz premium high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauges can be placed in a well to provide PTA workflows. These workflows reveal changes in skin and can be used to determine the productivity index (PI) of the well. Understanding the changes in PI enables you to take the necessary steps to optimize production over the life of the well.
Inflow profiling
In fields with stacked reservoirs, where pressure, permeability, and oil and gas characteristics vary greatly between layers, WellWatcher BriteBlue multimode DTS fiber can be run to provide inflow profiling of individual zones. Downhole flow control valves can then be used to manage individual zones independently, without costly intervention.
ESP management
Downhole pressure and temperature measurements obtained with WellWatcher Sapphire PT gauges can be combined with ESP surface parameters, such as variable speed drive frequency, to prevent deadheading, which often requires a costly workover and ESP replacement. The data can also be used to troubleshoot other common ESP scenarios that reduce well productivity, such as scale deposition above the pump and loss of pump submergence.
Unconventional well stimulation
Using WellWatcher Extend high-resolution dual-sensor PT gauges in unconventional oil and gas wells to monitor bottomhole pressure helps in identifying significant changes to skin, degradation of fracture size and conductivity, and stress-related permeability behaviors. Proactively analyzing the data enables you to monitor drawdown during production and the health of the fractures, both of which are important for long-term well performance.

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