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Flow rate, fluid density, and PT monitoring system

Rendering of FloWatcher flow rate, fluid density, and PT monitoring system.

Monitor production trends without well testing

FloWatcher™ flow rate, fluid density, and PT monitoring system acquires reliable data in onshore, offshore, and subsea wells. Designed and qualified for permanent installation, it is manufactured to ISO and API standards with materials that ensure high resistance to erosion and corrosion.

Long-term monitoring in two-phase flow

The FloWatcher system identifies the total flow rate and gas or water cut for two-phase flow in oil and gas wells. Its data is shown to closely correlate with measurements taken at surface. Two high-precision Metris™ permanent monitoring system gauges measure the pressure drop across a venturi nozzle; this drop is directly proportional to the square of the fluid velocity.

The pressure difference between one of these gauges and a third gauge placed farther down the well is also measured. Fluid density can be determined from the pressure gradient.

Rendering of FloWatcher flow rate, fluid density, and PT monitoring system with venturi.
  • Production and injection allocation
  • Well productivity and trend analysis (productivity index and bubblepoint)
  • Continuous well testing
  • Multizone production monitoring
  • Flow anomaly diagnosis (e.g., slugs, scale, wax)
  • Early identification of water and gas breakthrough
  • Well cleanup monitoring in real time
  • GOR and water cut determination in two-phase flow
  • Time-lapse nodal analysis

Early detection of production anomalies

The continuous stream of real-time downhole measurements provided by the FloWatcher system enhances production planning and reporting accuracy. For example, the data can be used for pressure transient analysis to estimate the permeability, skin, and drainage area over the life of the well. The data can also identify production and reservoir anomalies, such as water and gas breakthrough, helping reduce the cost of remediation, optimize production, and improve total recoverable reserves.

Using these downhole flowmeters in multiple deepwater wells with a common pipeline enables operators to avoid the time, expense, and risk of performing zonal production tests in individual wells. They can also validate and adjust field-scale reservoir models via history matching. Additional benefits include real-time, simultaneous production allocation for multiple wells and reduction of capital expenditure through the elimination of subsea test flowlines.

  • Continuous downhole flow rate, fluid density, pressure, and temperature measurements
  • Absolute flow rate and density data for two-phase flows
  • Retrievable venturi nozzle
  • Highly accurate and stable sensors
  • 1-s data sampling rate