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Live downhole reservoir testing

Every instrument. Every movement. Every measure.

From initial design and simulation to site logistics and the delivery of answers, Symphony testing gives you the collective power of perfectly synchronized wireless reservoir testing—in real time.

We bring together tools, expertise, and global capabilities in perfect harmony to deliver the best customer experience, the best data, and the best value for your complex well tests.

Hands with work gloves conducting data
Select, isolate, sample, measure, and control your test with an integrated toolstring

Turning up the volume

Acquire the optimal amount of actionable data from every reservoir test. Select, isolate, sample, measure, and control what’s happening. You’re connected to answers: all with new certainty.

It takes more than a conventional drillstem test to generate the high-quality data you need to optimize reservoir development, reduce risk, and calibrate your investments at maximum profit per barrel produced. We are your reliable resource for planning and conducting DSTs that integrate the latest innovative technologies to achieve your goals.

The ultimate performance

Well tests rarely give you a second chance to get what you need. So why settle for second best? Demand unparalleled service, available in more basins, and delivered by the original pioneers of reservoir testing.

Design and execute your test in a way that reduces risk to personnel, assets, and equipment. This is what your new reservoir testing experience sounds like.

Expertise and global reach to conduct your well tests with confidence

Symphony live downhole reservoir testing is a complete portfolio of technologies and services that can be configured to meet any well test requirements, no matter how complex and in any environment.

Operations Control Center

Expert accompaniment

We’ll make your job easier by supporting you through the planning and risk mitigation processes, and we take care of the logistics and resource availability headaches so you can focus on getting the results you need.

Our global support team assists by sharing advice and domain expertise, with on-demand response to issues. 24/7 monitoring by testing services specialists is consolidated at our Operations Control Center, supported by on-call technical experts.

With our help, you’ll make a leap in efficiency by developing tests with next-generation approaches that fundamentally reshape the way testing operations are planned and executed.

Setting the right tone

The well testing context is more than just a wellsite operation. From equipment design and rigorous testing conducted at our Rosharon facility to achieving qualification at the highest-level certifications, we provide fit-for-purpose testing spreads that integrate efficiency, flexibility, and reliability, and safety.

Rigorous testing is conducted at our Rosharon facility
Bringing a Clear environmental advantage to your reservoir testing

In tune with the environment

A major goal of our verification of performance efficiency is to achieve emissions reductions—including from indirect emissions—toward establishing Clear technologies and techniques. Our well test designs and operations are optimized to achieve your test objectives while controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our advanced tools work together to perform in higher pressures and temperatures and for longer durations while delivering higher-quality data than any others in the industry.

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