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Intelligent Completion Accessories

Surface acquisition, control units, cables, and connectors

Optimize your reservoir monitoring system

Choose Schlumberger permanent downhole gauge accessories to create systems with maximum lifetime performance for your well conditions.

All of our accessories are designed specifically for use with our gauges and rigorously tested and qualified to meet the highest standards for reliability.

Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Transform downhole data into actionable intelligence with software that suits your operations and economics.

WellWatcher Advisor

Real-time intelligent completion software

Optimize well performance with real-time analysis of well and reservoir data.


Real-time acquisition and control software

Customize this modular SCADA system to interface with Schlumberger downhole tools and equipment.

Surface Hardware

Transmit power, acquire data, and control downhole equipment with fit-for-purpose surface equipment.

WellWatcher Instruct

Multiwell acquisition unit

Collect and manage data from permanent downhole monitoring systems for improved analysis and sharing.

WellWatcher ArConn NG

Multiwell rack-mountable acquisition unit

Deliver power to and acquire data from WellWatcher system downhole pressure and temperature gauges.

WellWatcher SoloConn NG

Single-well acquisition unit

Deliver power to and acquire data from permanent downhole pressure and temperature gauges.

WellWatcher UniConn

Multiwell acquisition unit

Monitor downhole gauges, power supplies, data, and other well control applications in one platform.

WellWatcher Connect

Wellsite data transmission system

Store, aggregate, encrypt, and transmit surface and downhole data from the wellsite in real time to any location.


Site communication box

Provide simple, cost-effective, low-maintenance access to real-time data from almost anywhere in the world.

Surface Hydraulic Control System

One-touch actuation of flow control valves

Operate multiple downhole flow control valves, automatically or manually, enabling effective production or injection management.

Downhole Hardware

Design for efficiency and extend system lifetime with fit-for-purpose connectors and cables that reduce your costs and risks.


Downhole dual-seal dry-mate connector

Improve downhole monitoring and intelligent completion system reliability, even in challenging environments.

Permanent Downhole Cable

Connecting reservoir monitoring sensors to the surface

Improve reliability of monitoring systems and intelligent completions with robust fit-for-purpose cables.

Solid Gauge Mandrel

Protective recess for WellWatcher system gauges

Protect reservoir monitoring gauges during deployment and production.

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