Surface Hydraulic Control System

One-touch actuation of flow control valves

The surface hydraulic control system is used to operate multiple downhole flow control valves (FCVs), automatically or manually. It actuates each selected valve and indicates its position—for both on-off and multiposition valves—enabling effective production or injection management.

System components

Each surface hydraulic control system comprises a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and an integrated hydraulic manifold unit that directs fluid pressure to different FCVs. It also includes a remotely actuated programmable logic controller (PLC), which receives orders from the human machine interface  via control software and directs the actuation of the selected FCV. Actuation of the downhole FCVs can be controlled from the HPU or from the control and instrumentation room by leveraging the connectivity between the PLC and the customer’s SCADA system.

Surface Hydraulic Control Systems for flow control valves