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Electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system

Proteus electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system

Enables well performance optimization

Proteus electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system is an integrated modular unit that enables operators to simplify well design, reduce installation complexity, increase downhole control, and efficiently optimize production. 

The system combines a Universal Electrohydraulic Module, field-proven flow control valve, single or dual PT gauges, and an optional absolute position sensor in a single compact assembly. The unit is controlled from surface using a powerful, user-friendly operating system.

Rated to 7,500 psi [51.7 MPa]
Rated to 325 degF [163 degC]
Proteus electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system

Simplify intelligent completions without sacrificing control or measurement accuracy

Optimize production by rapidly managing multizonal and commingled reservoir flow with the Proteus electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system. Controlled from surface with powerful, user-friendly software, the Proteus system integrates a downhole control module, dual pressure and temperature quartz gauges, an 8-position flow control valve, and an absolute position sensor in a compact assembly. 

Minimize control lines to reduce complexity

Design your well with up to twelve Proteus system stations on one electric and 2 hydraulic lines, reducing run-in complexity and requiring only three wellhead penetrations. When multiple systems are installed together, you can operate individual valves sequentially within minutes, enabling rapid choke positioning for multiple zones in a short sequence from the surface control room. A hydraulic override is also included as a contingency to simultaneously open all system valves with a single pressure actuation.

proteus middle east multilateral

Proteus System Simplifies Flow Control for Five-Zone Multilateral Well in the Middle East

Fully integrated system monitors and rapidly controls production flow with only three control lines and saves 3.6 hours on well startup

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Integrate downhole data for rapid improvement

Analyze downhole data through the Intelligent Completions Answer Products (ICAP), real-time workflows that can help you

  • accelerate production and maximize recovery with optimized valve settings
  • determine real-time liquid rates for each zone
  • improve rate calculation accuracy
  • compute pseudosteady-state productivity index (PI) and average reservoir pressure
  • identify underperforming zones and wells
  • expedite wellbore cleanup
  • back-allocate zonal reserves.
Downhole permanent gauges.

Manage your reservoir with digital data delivery.

Our permanent downhole gauges let you monitor your wells and reservoirs in real time and identify trends that can optimize well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery—without costly, time-consuming well interventions.