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TRFC-HDM modular flow control valve

Provides modular, surface-actuated downhole control of oil and gas production and injection wells

TRFC-HDM modular flow control valve

Interval control for production and injection wells

The surface-actuated tubing-retrievable flow control (TRFC) hydraulic dual-line modular (HDM) valve controls oil and gas production and injection for intelligent completion systems. This enables modular intelligent completion designs to accommodate a variety of well conditions.

TRFC-HDM valves are manufactured in various materials to suit a wide range of oil, water, and gas applications, including high-flow-rate production and injection wells.

The rugged design makes the valve suitable for severe environments with scale deposits, erosion, and other demanding conditions.

  • Multizone intelligent completions
  • Water injectors
  • Well environments with scale deposition, severe erosion, or high-temperature conditions

How the TRFC-HDM improves performance

  • TRFC-HDM valves enable cost-effective optimization of well performance by reducing unwanted water and gas production.
  • Enhanced dynamic reservoir characterization is possible through periodic zonal tests without need for interventions.
  • Zonal control improves production or injection sweep.
  • Surface-controlled chokes eliminate ths costs and risks of well interventions.
  • In conjunction with PT gauges, the valves enable accurate production allocation via precise, repeatable flow choke characterization.
  • The mechanical indexer or electrohydraulic actuation driver provides flexibility for accelerated completion design alterations when development drilling encounters subsurface features that diverge from the plan.
  • The choke is resilient to erosive forces and customizable with different port sizes to accommodate a wide range of flow rates.
  • Assembly and testing can be done together with other completion tools in the workshop or at the wellsite off the critical path—reducing rig flat time.

Standard configurable actuation

The modular flow control valves use a J-slot mechanical indexer to control valve cycling. They require conventional n+1 hydraulic lines for n valves. An indexer has been deployed which enables independent on-off control of two valves using only two hydraulic lines when tubing hanger hydraulic penetrations are limited.

An optional electrohydraulic module for valve actuation is available; it integrates single or dual pressure and temperature gauges in a single compact assembly. Modular flow control valves equipped with this module require just two hydraulic control lines and one electric line for multidrop installation.

Standard configurable interval production and injection rate control

Both annular and inline shrouded valve types are available. The annular valve controls flow between the annulus and tubing. Metal-to-metal dynamic seals are qualified per ISO 23936-2 to withstand differential pressures up to 7,500 psi [52 MPa].

By monitoring pressure and temperature downhole with the complementary technology of a Metris™ permanent monitoring system, operators can better understand the reservoir to more precisely control the production or injection rate in near-real time with up to 10 choke positions.

TRFC-HDM modular flow control valve is available as an annular or shrouded inline version.
Both annular and shrouded inline valve types are available.