Permanent Downhole Cable

Connecting reservoir monitoring sensors to the surface

Downhole permanent gauges.

Improve reliability of monitoring systems and intelligent completions with robust cables

The permanent downhole cable (PDC) is key to the reliability of WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems. It connects permanent reservoir and production monitoring sensors to the surface, where data are recorded and processed, and provides power to the downhole sensors and electrical valves. The Schlumberger PDC has been extensively tested and qualified for use with the Intellitite downhole dual-seal dry-mate connector.

The PDC runs the length of the wellbore from the gauge to the tubing hanger. During installation and production, it must withstand mechanical shock, vibration, and chemical aggression, as well as electrical and thermal stresses.  This robust, field-proven technology maximizes data transmission reliability of the life of your well.

Permanent downhole cable
The Schlumberger permanent downhole cable can be installed with or without protective encapsulation.