WellWatcher SoloConn Single-Well Data Acquisition Unit | SLB

WellWatcher SoloConn

Single-well acquisition unit

Downhole permanent gauges.

Deliver power to and acquire data from WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems

The compact, versatile WellWatcher SoloConn NG single-well acquisition unit enables both local and remote acquisition of data from pressure and temperature gauges connected to one cable and belonging to the family of WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems. The unit interfaces with SCADA and other remote communication and control systems that gather data for wellsite monitoring.

Automate your reservoir surveillance

The WellWatcher SoloConn NG unit provides automated surveillance of data streams, alerts, and diagnostic activities and makes the right data available in a user-friendly format at the desktop. The unit provides communication and power for the downhole gauges.

WellWatcher SoloConn NG Acquisition Unit
WellWatcher SoloConn NG single-well acquisition unit can power multiple gauges on the same cable.