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Allegro XCD-Pro

Casing-while-drilling expert service

Comprehensive application analysis
to identify and mitigate drilling risks
BHA and bit customization
to optimize drilling performance
Greater wellbore stability
for improved cementing
Allegro XCD-Pro
Casing-while-drilling expert service

Mitigate risks before you drill

The Allegro XCD-Pro casing-while-drilling expert service provides a comprehensive application analysis to identify and mitigate drilling risks. Leveraging a suite of software simulation solutions, including the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform, the service evaluates conditions such as formation strength and bit-to-rock interaction to design an ideal bit cutting structure with unique diamond cutting elements.

With bit customization, the Allegro XCD-Pro service delivers greater reliability and performance during casing-while-drilling operations.

Allegro rendering
Calculations from simulation software are used to optimize BHA and bit design.
Allegro casing-drilling and liner-drilling services technology
Drilling with conventional drillpipe (left) creates a larger annulus, while drilling with casing (right) minimizes annulus size; rotating casing smears cuttings into the borehole wall, sealing pores in the formation to reduce fluid losses and producing a stronger borehole for improved cementing.

Increase wellbore strength

Casing while drilling smears cuttings into the borehole wall, resulting in an action termed the plastering effect, which strengthens wellbores for improved cementing. The plastering effect process has proved to reduce NPT resulting from borehole-related problems, such as

  • sloughing shales

  • tight holes

  • borehole bridges

  • lost circulation

  • large-diameter surface hole resulting in hard-to-remove cuttings from the annulus

  • damaged producing zones

  • stuck pipe.

As part of the Allegro XCD-Pro service, casing-while-drilling operations are further optimized to help mitigate risks before you drill. With a prejob analysis and bit and BHA customization, you can reach TD safer and more efficiently in any drilling application.

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