XCDR Casing Running Reamer | Schlumberger


Casing running reamer

TCIs on each blade
enhance drilling performance.
Spiral gauge pads
maximize stabilization and reduce vibration.
Optional lateral ports
provide a secondary means of cementation.

Improve casing running operations

The XCDR casing running reamer aids the running of casing in difficult wellbore conditions by helping you navigate past ledges, low-side cuttings beds, and faults where casing can hang up.

Large waterways between the blades maximize the junk-slot area. Engineered ports on the blade strategically direct fluid to optimize cleaning and cool the cutting structure. The reamer’s alloy body can be easily drilled out with a standard PDC bit, eliminating a dedicated drillout run or use of a special drillout bit.

XCDR casing running reamer specifications

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