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Drilling Fluid Additives

Oil-, synthetic-, and water-based additives

Our custom-formulated fluid systems and additives help operators enhance drilling efficiency while decreasing costs and mitigating HSE impact.

With a suite of viscosifiers, fluid loss control agents, lost circulation material, lubricants, and much more, M-I SWACO has the extensive portfolio of advanced solutions and in-depth expertise to help you meet your operational goals—no matter the job’s challenge, location, or size.

Drilling Fluid Additives - combo

Alkalinity Control

Drilling fluid additives

Adjust and regulate the degree of acidity or alkalinity of drilling fluids.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Amine- and phosphorous-based products

Mitigate corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas, and prevent the formation of production-impairing scale.


Additives for reducing foaming in drilling and completion fluids

Control foam and air entrainment while maintaining environmental acceptability.

Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents

Stabilizing additives

Create invert emulsions and oil-wet solids.

Filtration Reducers

Complete line of chemicals

Reduce infiltration of the liquid phase of the drilling fluid.

Lost Circulation Materials

Extensive line of specifically engineered LCMs

Seal costly loss zones and preserve operational integrity.


Specially engineered products

Reduce fluids coefficient of friction to minimize torque and drag.

Pipe-Freeing Agents

Chemical solutions for all types of drilling fluids

Free differentially stuck pipe with our spotting or soaking agents.

Shale Inhibitors

Additives that inhibit reactive shales

Enhance drillability while maintaining low toxicity for environmental acceptability.


Surface-active agents

Reduce interfacial tension between water/oil, water/solid, water/air, and other contacting surfaces.

Temperature Stabilizers

Polymer thermal enhancers

Increase the rheological and filtration property stability of drilling fluids.

Thinners and Dispersants

Viscosity-modifying additives

Reduce rheological properties by dispersing active clays and drilled solids.


Viscosity-increasing drilling fluid additives

Improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capability of drilling fluids.

Weighting Agents

Fluid-density adjustment agents

Control formation pressures, prevent caving, and facilitate dry pipe pulling.

Wellbore Strengthening Materials

Formation strength enhancers

Strengthen wellbore and minimize lost circulation to permit drilling in narrow hydraulic windows.

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