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Drilling fluid additives

Oil-, synthetic-, and water-based additives

Drilling fluid additives.

Our custom-formulated fluid systems and additives help operators enhance drilling efficiency while decreasing costs and mitigating HSE impact.

With a suite of viscosifiers, fluid loss control agents, lost circulation material, lubricants, and much more, M-I SWACO has the extensive portfolio of advanced solutions and in-depth expertise to help you meet your operational goals—no matter the job’s challenge, location, or size.

Drilling fluid ddditives.
  • Alkalinity control - card
    Alkalinity Control
    Drilling fluid additives

    Adjust and regulate the degree of acidity or alkalinity of drilling fluids. View

  • Corrosion Inhibitors - promo card
    Corrosion Inhibitors
    Amine- and phosphorous-based products

    Mitigate corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas, and prevent the formation of production-impairing scale. View

  • Defoamer
    Additives for reducing foaming in drilling and completion fluids

    Control foam and air entrainment while maintaining environmental acceptability. View

  • Emulsifiers - promo card 2
    Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents
    Stabilizing additives

    Create invert emulsions and oil-wet solids. View

  • Filtration reducers - promo card
    Filtration Reducers
    Complete line of chemicals

    Reduce infiltration of the liquid phase of the drilling fluid. View

  • Lost Circulation Material - promo card
    Lost Circulation Materials
    Extensive line of specifically engineered LCMs

    Seal costly loss zones and preserve operational integrity. View

  • Lubricants with worker in lab
    Specially engineered products

    Reduce fluids coefficient of friction to minimize torque and drag. View

  • Pipe-Freeing Agents - promo card
    Pipe-Freeing Agents
    Chemical solutions for all types of drilling fluids

    Free differentially stuck pipe with our spotting or soaking agents. View

  • Shale Inhibitors - promo card
    Shale Inhibitors
    Additives that inhibit reactive shales

    Enhance drillability while maintaining low toxicity for environmental acceptability. View

  • Surfactants - promo card
    Surface-active agents

    Reduce interfacial tension between water/oil, water/solid, water/air, and other contacting surfaces. View

  • Temperature Stabilizers - promo card
    Temperature Stabilizers
    Polymer thermal enhancers

    Increase the rheological and filtration property stability of drilling fluids. View

  • Thinners and Dispersants - promo card
    Thinners and Dispersants
    Viscosity-modifying additives

    Reduce rheological properties by dispersing active clays and drilled solids. View

  • Viscosifiers - promo card
    Viscosity-increasing drilling fluid additives

    Improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capability of drilling fluids. View

  • Weighting agents.
    Weighting Agents
    Fluid-density adjustment agents

    Control formation pressures, prevent caving, and facilitate dry pipe pulling. View

  • Wellbore Strengthening Materials - promo card
    Wellbore Strengthening Materials
    Formation strength enhancers

    Strengthen wellbore and minimize lost circulation to permit drilling in narrow hydraulic windows. View