PEN-X Breaker Surfactant Package | SLB


Breaker surfactant package

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Enhances the cleanup or dispersion of oil or synthetic-based filtercakes

  • Wells with bottomhole temperature below 250 degF [121 degC]
  • Water wetting of nonaqueous filtercake by stripping the oil or synthetic elements from particle components in the filtercake
  • Openhole completions such as barefoot, stand-alone screens, expandable screens, and openhole gravel pack

PEN-X™ breaker surfactant package enhances penetration of nonaqueous filtercakes by destabilizing the emulsion around the calcium carbonate or barite particle. It is usable by itself in a brine to help disperse a barite-laden oil-based filtercake, or it can be added to a VERSA-OUT™ water-based filtercake breaker system to enhance the cleanup of a calcium carbonate by water wetting the filtercake. PEN-X package can also be added to the FAZE-OUT™ reversible-system water-based filtercake breaker for improved dispersion and water wetting. Provides thorough and uniform destruction of FAZEPRO™ reversible invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system or VERSAPRO™ invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system filtercakes when used with the D-STRUCTOR™ organic-acid precursor breaker.

  • Slow-acting water-wetting surfactant and solvent
  • Controlled removal of a uniform dispersion and water-wetting
  • Placement allowable during complete operation
  • Mixable at the rig site with rig equipment; avoids intervention trips


Physical Properties
Physical appearance Gold liquid
Specific gravity 1.050–1.080
Flash point >200 degF [>93.3 degC]
Pour point –45 degF [–43 degC]
All specifications are subject to change without notice.


PEN-X package is used when bottomhole temperature is below 250 degF [121 degC],* when a faster reaction is desired or for more tenacious filtercakes

This package is typically used in combination with D-STRUCTOR breaker or a VERSA-OUT breaker system to dissolve the soluble material in the oil- or synthetic-based filtercake, leading to full filtercake dissolution over an extended time and depending on the bottomhole temperature.