D-STRUCTOR HD Organic Acid Precursor | SLB


Organic acid precursor

Given temperature, time, and water, D-STRUCTOR HD precursor converts to organic acid.

The D-STRUCTOR HD organic acid precursor is designed for high-density breaker applications that require zinc bromide as base brine. It converts to organic acid given temperature, time, and free water.

The primary function of the precursor is to slowly release organic acid through hydrolysis, which helps to minimize losses during breaker placement and to achieve uniform filtercake removal across the open hole. Due to its slow-acting nature, the breaker system can be spotted and the workstring can be extracted from the openhole section without losing fluid into the formation.

If a fluid loss control device is present, the breaker system can soak for an extended period, enabling a thorough and uniform filtercake removal while maintaining completion hardware integrity. For optimal filtercake removal, use D-STRUCTOR HD precursor in concentrations of <20% by volume.