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LUBE 167

Low-toxicity, water-dispersible lubricant

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

LUBE 167 water-dispersible lubricant is designed to decrease the coefficient of friction in all water-based drilling fluids, which lowers torque and drag in the wellbore.

It also has a unique wettability characteristic that lowers the potential for bottomhole assembly (BHA) balling and contains no hydrocarbons.

Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance Light brown liquid
Odor Mild
Solubility in water Insoluble
Specific gravity 0.96–1.01
pH 8.8–9.2 (1% solution)
Flash point (Pensky–Martens closed cup)
240 degF [116 degC]


LUBE 167 lubricant blends easily into all mud systems. It does not foam and can be added to the mud system through the mixing hopper or directly to the surface system wherever good agitation is available.

LUBE 167 lubricant should be used at an initial concentration of 1% to 3% by volume (3.5–10.5 lbm/bbl [8.6 to 30 kg/m3]) for optimal performance. For higher mud densities, higher concentrations of LUBE 167 lubricant are normally required.

After the initial treatment, periodic treatments should be made to maintain the desired concentration. Higher concentrations can be necessary for pills and special applications. Treatment levels and product usage depend on the rate of penetration, solids-control equipment, and dilution rates.


  • Effective, all-purpose lubricant for water-based mud systems
  • Decreases the coefficient of friction which reduces torque and drag
  • Does not increase rheology or gel strengths
  • Contains unique metal-wetting additives which reduce the tendency of soft, sticky shales (gumbos) to cause bit and BHA balling
  • May be used at all bottom-hole temperatures
  • Does not cause foaming
  • Does not cause a sheen when dispersed in drilling fluids at 4% by volume or less


  • May grease in mud systems with soluble hardness greater than 600 mg/L and high pH levels
  • May cause slight foaming in freshly built, ultralow-solids seawater systems

Toxicity and handling

Bioassay information is available upon request. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions described in the safety data sheet.

Packaging and storage

LUBE 167 lubricant is available in 55-galUS [208-L] drums. Store in a dry well-ventilated area. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames. Store away from incompatibles. Follow safe warehousing practices regarding palletizing, banding, shrinkwrapping, and stacking.