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Drilling detergent

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D-D drilling detergent is an aqueous blend of surface-active agents that reduces the surface tension of all water-based drilling fluids and reduces the sticking tendency of water-sensitive shale cuttings.

Typical Physical Properties  
Physical appearance Light blue-green liquid
Specific gravity 1.01–1.02 sg
pH (1% solution) 8.2
Solubility in water 100%
Freezing point 32 degF [0 degC]


D-D detergent has application in all drilling areas and can be used in virtually any water-based drilling fluid. It is used primarily in upper-hole drilling to

It can be used as an emulsifier at any point in the drilling operation to improve emulsification of oil and reduce the viscosity of oil-contaminated fluids. D-D detergent frequently reduces torque and drag, even when no oil is present in the system.

Normal treatments range from 0.1 to 0.2 lbm/bbl [0.3 to 0.6 kg/m3] and provide satisfactory performance under most conditions. In severe gumbo shale areas, concentrations of 4 to 6 lbm/bbl [11.4 to 17 kg/m3] of D-D detergent are recommended to minimize bit and BHA balling; higher concentrations may cause foaming and require a defoamer. D-D detergent is effective in all water-based systems, including freshwater, brackish water, seawater, and saturated saltwater fluids.


  • Minimizes bit and BHA balling
  • Reduces the surface tension of the liquid phase, helping to drop sand and remove drill solids
  • Improves water-wetting action on all solids and reduces the sticking tendency of reactive shale cuttings
  • Functions as an emulsifier, reducing the viscosity of oil-contaminated fluids
  • Is effective in all water-based mud


  • Freezing point of D-D detergent is 32 degF [0 degC]. A special cold-weather formulation with a freezing point of –29 degF [–20 degC] is available.

Toxicity and handling

Bioassay information is available upon request. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions described in the safety data sheet. Fluids containing high concentrations of D-D detergent may not be suitable for discharge into all marine environments.

Packaging and storage

D-D detergent is packaged in 5-galUS [18.9-L] cans and 55-galUS [208-L] drums. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks, and flames. Store away from incompatibles. Follow safe warehousing practices regarding palletizing, banding, shrink-wrapping, and stacking.