Concentrated colloidal suspension technology

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

A key component of WARP advanced fluids technology, WARP OB CONCENTRATE™ technology is a high-density colloidal suspension of specially treated barite in a low-toxicity mineral oil used to densify oil-based fluids for drilling and completion applications

WARP OB CONCENTRATE is a mark of M-I L.L.C., an SLB company.

Drilling fluids

WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology enables exceptionally low-shear-rate viscosities with no particle settlement and sag for critical well drilling. Drilling applications include

  • horizontal and extended-reach drilling
  • through-tubing rotary drilling
  • coiled tubing drilling
  • slimhole drilling
  • HPHT drilling
  • underbalanced drilling.

Invert oil-based drilling fluids incorporating WARP fluids technology have been used in extended-reach drilling and through-tubing drilling applications in the North Sea region. Torque reductions up to 25% have been measured inside casing, and dilution factors have been reduced by as much as 50% compared with offset wells.

The colloidal nature of WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology imparts zero sag and settlement allowing primary solids control equipment to be aggressively configured resulting in demonstrably lower discharge volumes compared with conventionally weighted fluids. The intrinsically low viscosities of invert oil-based drilling fluids using WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology enables higher pump rates, lower swab and surge pressures, and improved ECD management.

Completion fluids

WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology is diluted with base oil to the required fluid density and formulated to the required fluid specifications with other additives and products for completion fluid applications up to densities of 19.2 lbm/galUS [2.3 kg/L]. WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology has been extensively used for completion fluid applications in the Caspian Sea region for long-term packer fluid applications and for reservoir drilling. Applications for WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology completions fluids include

  • reservoir drill-in fluids
  • casing-pressure kill fluids
  • packer fluids
  • kill pills and barrier fluids
  • testing and perforating fluids
  • high-density spacers.
  • Improved settlement and sag properties
  • Improved torque and drag
  • Improved ECD management
  • Improved solids-removal efficiency
  • Lower discharge volumes and reduced environmental impact
  • Nondamaging to producing formations and sand screens
  • Improved hole cleaning
  • Improved cement jobs
  • Temperature stable to 375 degF [191 degC]
  • Excellent long-term suspension properties
  • Noncorrosive
  • Stable to most contaminants
  • Flow through narrow apertures in completions
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance Viscous dark-gray, brown, orange slurry
Specific gravity 2.0 to 2.2
Flash point 212 degF [100 degC]
Viscosity 100 cP at 50 degC [122 degF]
Particle size 100% less than 10 um

Toxicity and handling

WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology is supplied as a bulk liquid and is handled in the same way as conventional oil-based drilling fluid. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described on the SDS.

Packaging and storage

WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology is supplied in ISO tanks; intermediate bulk containers; or bulk by boat, tanker, or rail car. The fluid is inherently stable and self-suspending because of the particle size. Monthly circulation of bulk tanks is recommended.