WARP OB CONCENTRATE Technology Controls Liner Lap Leak

Published: 12/05/2019

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View of offshore oil rig in the North Sea
The well was displaced to 2.3 sg. The well held stable and no additional weight adjustments were necessary to seal the leak.
Norway, Europe, Offshore

During temporary suspension of a new well, a liner lap started to leak. The well was filled with 1.04-sg [8.66-lbm/galUS] fluid. A 1.74-sg [14.5-lbm/galUS] oil-based drilling fluid failed to kill the well. A pressure buildup test estimated a 2.45-sg [20.4-lbm/galUS] fluid would be required to control the leak.

It was determined that WARP OB CONCENTRATE concentrated colloidal suspension technology could be weighted with MicroBar micronized weighting additive to 2.6-sg [21.66-lbm/galUS] density and remain a workable field-applicable fluid.

The well was displaced with 2.3-sg [19.16-lbm/galUS] WARP OB CONCENTRATE technology. This initial displacement killed the well and was confirmed with a flow check. The well remained stable, and no further density adjustments were needed.

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