Lost circulation materials

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

NUT PLUG lost circulation materials (LCMs) comprise ground walnut or pecan hulls and available in fine, medium, and coarse particle sizes. They can be used in all types and densities of fluid systems as well as a granular-type lubricant to reduce torque and drag.


Nut-based LCMs are effective, possessing high compressive strength. They are available from two sources: pecan and walnut, with walnut huslls being the stronger of the two. Treatment levels depend on the severity of the losses and type of formation where the losses occur. Typical preventative treatment levels are 6 to 14 kg/m3 [2 to 5 lb/bbl] for moderate losses and 14 to 71 kg/m3 [5 to 25 lb/bbl] for more severe losses. It may be used to treat the entire system or added as a high-concentration pill. Nut-based LCMs have a granular shape, and can be used in a blend of various sizes (fine, medium, and coarse) to prevent lost circulation or regain returns once losses begin. They also may be mixed with particulates of other shapes and sizes to provide a wide variation in particle properties for optimum control.

Nut-based LCMs can be added to other special slurries, such as high-fluid-loss squeezes, to assist in forming string bridging plugs.

They also can be used to reduce the coefficient of friction (CoF).

Can be used to treat the entire system or added as a high-concentration pill
Available in fine, medium, and coarse particle sizes
Can be added to other slurries to form string-bridging plugs


  • Inert additive compatible in all types and densities of fluids
  • Will not ferment
  • Unaffected by pH or temperature
  • Based on particle shape, size, and compressive strength

Toxicity and handling

Bioassay information is available upon request. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described in the safety data sheet (SDS).

Packaging and storage

NUT PLUG LCMs are packaged in 50-lbm [22.7-kg] multiwall paper sacks. Store in a dry location away from sources of heat or ignition, and minimize dust.