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Composite replacement screens

DURAFLO composite screen

Raising the bar with composite OEM and replacement screen technology

Composite screens consist generally of a glass fiber filled, polypropylene frame in addition to a high-strength steel internal reinforcing structure. Using a patented process, one to three layers of stainless steel wire cloth are bonded to the composite frame directly by melting the cloth directly to the top surface of the polymer frame. This exclusive technology has been used successfully in the industry for both OEM and replacement screens and has established proven and respected prominence.

Illustration showing the component layers of a DURAFLO screen
The anatomy of the three-layer DURAFLO screen: (A) triple-layer screen mesh; (B) high-strength, glass-reinforced plastic frame; (C) high-tensile strength steel rod substructure.

Next-generation composite technology

With the DURAFLO composite replacement screen frame as a base, M-I SWACO offers four different mesh types, enabling operators to choose the most efficient mesh type for the job without sacrificing durability and fluid processing capacity.

Patented XR MESH shaker screen mesh

Rectangular openings, 50%-larger-diameter wire, and patented cloth calendaring design give XR MESH shaker screen mesh excellent capacity and the longest screen life in the industry. High conductance results in reduced mesh loading compared with traditional mesh. Coupling XR MESH shaker screen mesh with DURAFLO screen technology enables best-in-class fluid-handling capacity. 

Market grade (MG)

Our most basic mesh type, MG features a single-layer cloth with heavy-wire diameter and square openings. Because of the durable heavy-wire diameter, the MG is primarily used as a scalping screen with excellent screen life.

HC mesh

Engineered with two fine-screening layers over a support cloth, the HC mesh provides superior performance in blinding applications and yields excellent capacity. The fine-wire diameter provides excellent capacity.

Ultrafine (XL) screen

The XL screen was specifically designed for drilling sandstone formations, which typically create blinding problems with standard screen mesh types. Our XL mesh features two fine-screening layers and a support mesh with square openings of medium wire diameter for improved capacity, screen life, and blinding resistance.

A technician inserts a new DURAFLO screen into a shaker

 Available for M-I SWACO, Derrick, Brandt/NOV, and other shaker brands


  • DURAFLO screens for MONGOOSE PRO dynamic dual-motion, MEERKAT compact single-deck, and MEERKAT PT dual-motion shale shakers feature a unique wedge mechanism for screen locking which, coupled with the composite construction, eliminates solids bypass that can require costly fluid dilutions.

MD-2 dual-deck and MD-3 triple-deck shakers

  • The MD-2 and MD-3 shakers and screens were designed in tandem to take full advantage of the composite technology while maximizing shaker performance. DURAFLO screens for MD-2 and MD-3 shakers feature a novel self-latching design that maintains screen-to-screen sealing and allows removing screens as a unit—no special tools required.

Derrick FLC 500 shale shakers

  • Our newest innovation in composite technology replacement screens is the D500-C flat-panel replacement designed to fit Derrick FLC 500 brand shakers. The screen's design features our patented lightweight composite frame with glass filling and internal steel reinforcement structure, created to stay flat and parallel to the shaker bed.

Brandt VSM 300 shakers

  • The improved DURAFLO screen for the Brandt VSM 300 shaker uses a frame design that is lighter and more easily repaired and removed and promotes longer screen life. DURAFLO screens are available with tensile bolt cloth (TBC), XL, and XR MESH mesh.

Brandt Cobra, King Cobra, King Cobra Venom, and LCM-3D series shakers

  • DURAFLO screens for the NOV Brandt Cobra, King Cobra, King Cobra Venom, and LCM-3D shakers provide improved performance and reliability over traditional metal-backed screens. The design features a soft gasket that enables the screen to be removed and reinstalled while maintaining a reliable sealing mechanism. Improvements increase screen life and provide significant operator savings.

Axiom shakers

  • The AX-1 is a composite replacement screen for Axiom brand shakers. It features the patented design using a polymer frame with a steel reinforcing structure. A specialized gasket made of softer, more pliable material is comolded onto the leading edges of the composite frame, providing a soft but durable seal between the shaker bed and screens. An easy-latching system enables easy removal without tools.