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High-capacity shaker

Close-up of the screen shaker Mongoose Max
Discover a New Shaker Species
Discover the MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shaker—the latest evolution of the shaker species, significantly increasing solids- and fluid-handling capacity and fluid recovery than more primitive shakers. 

The MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shaker is the latest advancement in shakers, significantly increasing solids- and fluid-handling capacity by 35% and fluid recovery by 40% over previous-generation M-I SWACO shakers. The MONGOOSE Max shaker combines balanced- and progressive-elliptical motion locked in position with fixed weights. This enables you to switch motion on the swing weights and between voltages of UL or ATEX models from 380 V to 460 V within the wired control panel.

With the integration of the SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator, overall oil on cuttings by weight is 10% compared with third parties’ 18%. Whole mud on cuttings is reduced by up to 40%. Discarded solids pass 99% EPA Paint Filter Analysis Tests 9095B, and waste is lowered 25%.

The balanced-elliptical motion provides 8 G of force to move high volumes of solids across the screens. The motion increases conveyance rates and shaker fluid capacity while enabling the shaker to process heavier solids. This motion efficiency enables higher processing rates while increasing cuttings dryness to minimize haul-off costs.

Close-up of the screen shaker Mongoose Max

Additional information

  • Weir height similar to MONGOOSE PRO dynamic dual-motion shaker
  • Retrofittable to the MONGOOSE PRO shaker skid
  • Retrofittable to the NOV KING COBRA or KING COBRA VENOM skid
  • Improved screen sealing with integrated latching technology for zero bypass performance
OTC Energy Connects | MONGOOSE Max High-Capacity Shakers
Well Construction Product Champion BJ Gamez explains how MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shakers increase capacity compared with conventional shakers.
Picture of BJ Gamez, Well Construction Product Champion ES Separation


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