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Single-Deck High-Capacity Shakers Saved USD 26,236

Louisiana, United States, North America

A rig contractor replaced the older underperforming shakers with three single-deck MONGOOSE Max™ high-capacity shakers. The new shakers handled the full circulating system and combined with the SCREEN PULSE™ fluid and cuttings separator, reduced costs and improved QHSE by lowering the environmental impact associated with the disposal of oil-based mud and solids waste.

A rig contractor had three older single-deck shakers that were underperforming and not maintaining the drill-cuttings and fluid-pumping volumes for the operator and needed a cost-effective replacement solution that included higher-performing shakers. The rig contractor was losing significant amounts of drilling fluids.

The MONGOOSE Max high-capacity shakers handled 650 galUS/min on a single shaker while drilling 38 ft/h with 15-ppg oil-based mud (OBM) running API 170 screens. The integrated SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator totaled an estimated savings on drilling fluid that equaled to USD 26,236, assuming USD 180/bbl. The average per day savings equaled USD 2,915, not including savings on haul-off transportation associated with the waste reduction and the cost of mix-off material.

While drilling in multiple well sections of 12.25 in (water-based mud), 8.5 in OBM, and 6.75 in OBM, the three new MONGOOSE Max shakers were tested for maximum fluid and loading by isolating the middle shaker, which received the main load from the flowline. The rig contractor tested the total volume of drilling fluid recovered while running the internal vacuum system of the SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator.

Graph showing a single MONGOOSE Max shaker handled the full cuttings and fluid load.
Closing off MONGOOSE Max shakers 1 and 3 during the 8.5-in OBM section (15-ppg mud weight at 650 galUS/min and 38 ft/h) to direct all the cuttings and circulating drilling fluids to shaker 2 showed that the single shaker running API 170 screens was able to handle the full load without compromising drilling operations.
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