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Triple-deck shaker

MD-3 triple-deck shaker.

High-efficiency, adaptable shaker in a compact package

The MD-3 triple-deck shaker by M-I SWACO offers an ideal combination of high efficiency, flexibility and space optimization. Changing drilling conditions necessitate immediate, flexible solids-control solutions. Environmental requirements demand up-to-the-minute conformance with ever-tightening criteria. Rig space, especially offshore but also onshore, is at an all-time premium as more and more technology crowds the work area. Not at all least significant is the matter of high drilling costs and the resulting need to recover and reuse expensive base fluids.

Full shaker automation

The full shaker automation package for the MD-3 triple-deck shaker enables operators to enhance the efficiency of the shakers and screen operation while reducing the HSE implications of the typical shaker house. Reduction of exposed personnel to noise, fumes, and vibration is 60% to 70%. Package components include parallel MD-3 shakers, computer server control system, and shaker sensor modules for each shaker. This full automation package enhances the remote manual function to promote real-time automatic operation of the entire shaker system by bringing shakers on- or offline to most efficiently handle the drilling program.

Full Shaker Automation System for MD-3 Shaker
Enables remote and automatic control of MD-3 shakers to minimize personnel exposure to HSE risks.
MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker

DURAFLO Composite Screens

M-I SWACO high-capacity composite shaker screens are the most rugged, long-lasting, and efficient screens available.

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Adjustable for changing drilling conditions

The three decks of the MD-3 shaker can be instantly adjusted to enable flexible control of fluid pool depth and beach length in a variety of drilling conditions. The normal mode is a progressive elliptical motion that maximizes cuttings retention time and screen life. The capacity mode is a balanced elliptical motion that is primarily used during fluid surges and periods of heavy solids loading.

Ideal for wellbore strengthening

During wellbore fracture or stress cage applications, wellbore strengthening material (WSM) is used to plug drilling-induced fractures and increase the stability of the wellbore. The MD-3 shaker recovery trough is designed to recover usable WSM particulate, enabling the WSM to be reused.

Enhanced for safety and convenience

The MD-3 shaker comes standard with front-mounted controls for easy access in tight quarters and a fume hood for personnel safety in confined-space offshore operations.
MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker Capacity Mode MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker Normal Mode
MD-3 Shaker Expert Video
Dual-motion, high-capacity solids control in a compact footprint