DURAFLO Screens Remove 30% More Solids, Screen Finer, and Save USD 15,000 on Disposal Costs

Published: 03/24/2016

Concrete blue texture
DURAFLO Screens for VENOM Shaker Recover 30%
Particle size of the liquid return stream demonstrates that the DURAFLO screens discarded more solids with a tighter, cleaner cut point compared with the conventional screens. The DURAFLO screens reduced discard weight from 1,000 lbm to 700 lbm, saving an estimated USD 50 per barrel and USD 15,000 total in disposal costs.
Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Onshore

Hole size
22 in
Section MD
2,735–6,245 ft
[834–1,903 m]
Sandstone, limestone, and clay
Average flowrate
1,000 gpm
[3.79 m3/min]
Average ROP
50 ft/h
[15.24 m/h]
Drilling fluid
Oil-based drilling fluid


To compare the solids-removal efficiency of M-I SWACO screen technology with the performance of a conventional screen, an operator requested a full vibratory systems analysis test on three BRANDT KING COBRA shakers. DURAFLO composite replacement screens and conventional screens were tested side by side with equivalent shaker deck angles and flow rate. Screen replacement, gasket conditions, mesh wear, solids removal rates, and particle size analysis were recorded and compared.

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