DURAFLO Screens Last 3.5x— Longer Compared with Conventional Screens Offshore Myanmar

Published: 05/11/2016

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Enhance operational efficiency by improving screen performance

While developing the Shwe field from a production platform in the A-1 Block offshore Myanmar, an operator sought to enhance the performance of the screens used on its BRANDT VSM 300 shale shaker. Optimizing screen performance was considered essential to improving shaker efficiency, logistics, and inventory as well as reducing costs. The operator was using a conventional screen technology but wanted to test an alternative screen to determine which lasted longer and performed better in challenging drilling conditions that included a high circulation rate of 1,095 galUS/min [249 m3/h] and instantaneous ROP of 40 ft/h [15 m/h].

Evaluate DURAFLO screens versus conventional technology

M-I SWACO provided DURAFLO composite replacement screens for side-by-side testing versus the conventional screen. Featuring smaller, more numerous panels, DURAFLO screens weigh up to 50% less while providing a 28% increase in nonblanked open area as well as higher throughput compared with conventional screens. DURAFLO screens are also compatible with the SNAP-LOK plug screen-repair system, which enables snapping in a factory-made plug for faster and easier handling and repair.

Reduce screen consumption by 70% and increase screen life by 3.5 times

In the side-by-side test, screen consumption was reduced by 70% by using DURAFLO screens compared with using the conventional screens. The DURAFLO screens also showed lower wear rates, increasing screen life by 3.5 times compared with the conventional screens.

The DURAFLO screen’s composite frame design includes an increased number of smaller panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and minimizing mesh damage.
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Challenge: Improve inventory and logistics efficiency on an offshore rig that used a BRANDT VSM 300 shale shaker

Solution: Compare the performance of DURAFLO composite replacement screens with that of conventional screens in terms of screen consumption and lifespan

Results: Reduced consumption by 70% and increased front screen life by 3.5 times

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