WateGuard flat rheology suspension additive | SLB


Flat rheology suspension additive

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Used in static conditions for both offshore and land fluid storage.

How it works

  • Keeps solids in suspension while not affecting rheology
  • Dissipates with temperature and dilution

What else we should know

  • Mixes easily
  • Minimizes waste stream while fluid is stored
  • Saves valuable products in drilling fluid
  • Improves sustainability footprint
  • Decreases cleanup costs and disposal fees for the customer storing fluid
  • Reduces waste for drilling fluids storage
  • Can experience temperature stability issues above 250 degF

Value proposition

WateGuard additive is four times more efficient than normal operations. This technology can save the customer up to 66% in fluid and waste treatment costs when used for long-term storage over six weeks. The rheological profile of the treated fluid remains almost identical to the baseline rheology fluid. Because pumps are not needed to roll the tanks and onsite personnel are not required, the related carbon emissions output is nearly eliminated.

As a flat rheology suspension additive, WateGuard additive aids in the long-term suspension of our oil-based or synthetic-based drilling fluid. The additive has minimal effect on the drilling fluid specifications for drilling operations after storage is no longer needed. The additive positively impacts the utilization of barite, waste generation at wellsites and facilities, and the ability to lower the overall carbon footprint. Typical concentrations range from 3 to 4 lbm/bbl depending on the fluid weight of the system being stored. It is recommended to roll tanks once every 12 weeks if storing in long-term conditions.

Physical appearance Yellow-orange liquid
pH 6
Flash point 202.1 degF [94.5 degC]

All specifications are subject to change without notice.