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UltraLock Plus

Premium-performance wellbore sealant

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UltraLock Plus™ premium-performance wellbore sealant is a latex-based nano-sealant designed for use with freshwater, brine-based aqueous fluids, and nonaqueous fluids (NAF). This premium-performance wellbore sealant can be added to both conventional and water-based fluids as well as NAF to improve fluid loss control and wellbore stability. It effectively seals formations with nano-, low-permeability, and microfractures, even in environments with bottomhole temperatures (BHT) of up to 450 degF [232 degC].

Used both onshore and offshore in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environments, UltraLock Plus wellbore sealant effectively seals formations with nano-, low-permeability, and microfractures. It enhances wellbore stability by reducing filtrate and whole mud invasion, while also minimizing fluid loss in HPHT conditions. For optimal results, UltraLock Plus wellbore sealant should be initially introduced at a concentration ranging from 3 to 5 lbm/bbl, with adjustment based on the specific application conditions.

  • Provides fluid loss control
  • Maintains wellbore stability
  • Reduces filtrate and whole mud invasion
  • Reduces HPHT fluid loss
  • Specially formulated wellbore sealant
  • Seals nano- and low-permeability and microfractured formations