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High-performance micronized weight material

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

MicroLibra™ high-performance micronized weight material is a manganese tetroxide–based (Mn3O4), high-density, micrometer-sized weighting agent used in water-based and nonaqueous-based drilling fluids. It is most frequently used in high-density muds to reduce the solids loading and avoid excessive rheology.

MicroLibra is a mark of M-I L.L.C., an SLB company.

  • Horizontal, through-tubing rotary drilling (TTRD), extended-reach wells
  • Deepwater environments with narrow hydraulic window
  • Conventional and unconventional drilling applications
  • Fluids spacers, high-weighted pills, packer fluids, kill fluids.

Fluids weighted up with MicroLibra material contain fewer solids by volume than those muds densified with barite because of the higher specific gravity of the compound. This enables higher densities without compromising the rheological profile and reduces the risk of large density increases that can render the fluid to become unpumpable, which is the case of kill muds in well control scenarios.

Due to the small particle size, MicroLibra material reduces the dynamic and static sag potential in challenging applications such as highly deviated, extended-reach, or HPHT wells where the drilling operations (tripping, logging, casing, and liner runs) entail low pump rates, rotation, or extended static periods.

Because a lower rheological profile is required to keep the MicroLibra material particles in suspension—as compared with standard barite—ECD management is improved in wells with narrow hydraulic windows, such as in deepwater and ultradeepwater fields, TTRD, and depleted reservoirs.

Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance Fine dark red-brown powder
Specific gravity 4.75–4.95

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Toxicity and handling

Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions described in the safety datasheet (SDS).

Packaging and storage

MicroLibra additive is available in 55.1-lbm [25-kg] multiwall sacks or bulk bags. Big bag handling facilities need to be available for onsite rig use.