FybeCarb Loss-Prevention and Remedial Material | SLB


High-efficiency, acid-soluble, single-sack loss-prevention and remedial material

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

FybeCarb material is a fracture sealing and wellbore strengthening material designed for porous and fractured formations where acid solubility is required and with fracture apertures of up to 1,000 um.

The highly efficient formulation comprises acid-soluble marble and fiber to help prevent and cure lost circulation events with a lower load of materials compared with conventional blends.

Additionally, through increased sealing of problem zones, the additive also reduces the possibility of differential sticking, lost circulation, and torque and drag.

Remedial lost circulation treatments

Lost circulation treatments can be remedially applied as a squeeze job or in spot applications. Additionally, preventive treatment can be deployed when drilling through a formation with a known history of losses; this entails continuous addition of particles to the circulating drilling fluid or through regular, repetitive sweeps.

Preventive treatments by continuous addition

The basis of design for the treatment is continuous particle addition to a circulating drilling fluid when drilling through a formation known to have losses. The main challenge is to maintain a required particle size distribution and concentration in the drilling fluid; typical concentrations range from 12 to 20 lbm/bbl [34 to 57 kg/m3].

One-sack blend
Solubility in 15% HCl below 212 degF [100 degC]
Broader particle size for better retainability
Compatible with all mud systems