KLEEN UP Well Cleaning Surfactant | SLB


Well cleaning surfactant

Schlumberger Oilfield Services


  • Rig and equipment wash or degreaser when using nonaqueous muds
  • Cuttings wash solution (2 to 3% v/v solution) when using nonaqueous muds
  • Oil-in-water emulsifier and minor oil spill treatment
  • Cleaning solution for wood, plastic, and metal surfaces

How it works

KLEEN UP well cleaning surfactant is a blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants with a variety of uses ranging from general rig and engine cleanup to specialized cuttings wash solutions for nonaqueous muds. The multipurpose product is especially effective as a rig wash for general cleaning when using nonaqueous mud. KLEEN UP surfactant is a heavy-duty, low-sudsing detergent and degreaser, making tough cleanup jobs easier. It is effective in freshwater and seawater.

Physical Properties
Physical appearance Clear yellow liquid
Odor Ammoniacal odor
pH, 1% solution 8.6
Specific gravity 1.00 to 1.05 sg
All specifications are subject to change without notice.