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Quartz gauge

Qualified to 437 degF and 30,000 psi

Even at the extremes of pressure and temperature, Signature quartz gauges ensure that the quality of your test data is never compromised. The large memory capacity accommodates high data sampling rates for a more comprehensive dataset. Signature gauges are powered by long battery life so you can continuously acquire the high-quality measurements you need for the duration of the test.

Signature gauges provide accurate, high-resolution pressure measurements

Accurate, high-resolution pressure measurements in all operating environments—including hostile HPHT conditions

How the Signature CQG Gauge Works

Rugged gauges for a complete dataset every time

Signature gauges feature a durable all-ceramic multichip module, securely housed in a welded steel housing to prevent contamination and safeguard the data stored on memory chips. The proprietary battery design and robust packaging resist high pressure and shock, ensuring service life of up to 1 year.

Wireless delivery for real-time pressure data
Run Signature gauges with the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry, and you’ll get your pressure measurements in real time—while monitoring and controlling your downhole reservoir test. Reliable Muzic wireless telemetry brings bidirectional communication to your test for real-time pressure data verification and better-informed decision making.
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Signature Xtreme
High-temperature quartz gauge

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