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Buildup evaluation shut-in tool

BEST buildup evaluation shut-in tool

Improve well testing and reservoir surveillance with high-quality data

The BEST buildup evaluation shut-in tool is suitable anywhere there is a need for efficient and cost-effective acquisition of high-quality downhole formation pressure data with minimal impact from wellbore storage effects.

In new wells, the tool provides an alternative for well testing where the cost and logistics associated with conventional testing methods are prohibitive or when rigless operations are required. The tool is used to determine key formation parameters such as reservoir boundaries, fluid type, and deliverability. In production wells, the BEST tool is used for periodic testing to determine reservoir depletion and assess the effectiveness of production-improvement interventions such as stimulation and reperforation.

Reduce well testing costs

Installed inside the borehole close to the formation, the BEST tool provides a downhole shut-in that reduces wellbore storage, resulting in faster buildups (especially in gas wells), shorter operational time, and minimized production downtime—saving costs.

BEST buildup evaluation shut-in tool
BEST buildup evaluation shut-in tool.
BEST buildup evaluation shut-in tool
BEST Tool Fluid Flow
Watch how fluid flows through the buildup evaluation shut-in tool when the valve is opened and closed.

Achieve accurate near-wellbore characterization

Early stages of pressure buildup are dominated by the compressibility of the fluid in the borehole. This is known as a wellbore storage effect and can mask pressure responses characteristic of the formation. The BEST tool minimizes wellbore storage effects by shutting the well downhole. It further enhances the interpretability of the early buildup pressure data through its instantaneous valve shut-in action. This enables a more accurate characterization of the near-wellbore region.

BEST tool multicycle instant shut-in valve and suspension mechanism
The BEST tool and pressure gauge are deployed in a single run using a retrievable packer or lock mandrel to provide an anchor and seal against the tubing. A suite of crossover, equalization, and running accessories is available for use with packers from Peak Well Systems, a Schlumberger company.